I joined PageGroup in 2004 as a consultant on the banking team where I had learned so much, billed well and went through a lot of professional and life experiences with my team.  It was truly a “work hard, play hard” environment.  Then, I met my fiancée and ended up leaving the firm three years later in 2007. I moved to Japan, joined a global managing consultancy firm for four years, had two children and in 2015, reached out to the Regional Managing Director (who I previously worked with in Hong Kong) and asked if there were any open opportunities for me.

I was then living in Beijing with a shift in my priorities. I still wanted something challenging, results-driven and to work with great leaders, but I also wanted the flexibility to spend time with my children and take care of my home and personal life.

Luckily, PageGroup was looking for a Talent Acquisition Manager to help with hiring in Greater China. I joined and was given the autonomy to approach the role using my strengths. In four years and a move to Singapore, I was given the opportunity to expand the team and to make the function a permanent and valuable part of our business for the longer term.

In 2019, I found myself missing the billing side of the business, the variety and learning that came with working with different clients on different type of roles, therefore I spoke to leadership again and made the move back to a billing manager position with the Singapore banking team.

What I have enjoyed most about my time at PageGroup is the constant learning, being surrounded with leaders who will support, push and guide you and being able to continually grow and challenge myself outside of my comfort zone. I work with amazing people and I have a great team around me, I am always learning and I have a passion for helping people find their next job in their career journey. I am truly grateful I have a job that allows me to do what I am good at and what I am passionate about. I am thankful for that every day.