I remember it being the people I interviewed with and the meritocratic nature of the business that first attracted me to Michael Page some 11 years ago. After ten fantastic years in the Perth business where I progressed to Director, my wife (who I met at Michael Page) and I felt the time was right for us and our two young children to go on an adventure and move to Asia.

After a few discussions with the business, it was clear that there was a fantastic opportunity to relocate to Malaysia and we haven’t looked back since. The move itself was very easy and we have really enjoyed our first year in a country we knew very little about. What we have loved the most about our time in Kuala Lumpur so far, has been the opportunity to understand more about Malaysian culture and experience the amazing food! Everything in Malaysia revolves around food and for very good reasons! From a work perspective, I get to work with an amazing team and I’ve been able to experience first-hand how another PageGroup business operates. Whilst there are many similarities to the Australian business, it’s also very different. I’ve genuinely enjoyed being taken out of my comfort zone and learning many new things that I otherwise may never have experienced.