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Contracting is on the rise - the Mobile Economy is here to stay and now is the time for organisations to embrace it.

Why work with us as a contractor?

Our global and local

Our brand is among the most widely recognised in the professional recruitment industry,allowing us to attract the highest quality jobseekers, and become the credible partner in your job seeking journey.

Partnerships with top employers

Our experience in the Taiwan market means we have built a network of partnerships with top quality employers. You will have access to Fortune 500 businesses, blue chip organisations as well as top tier domestic entities.

Consultative, value adding advisory

Our Specialist Consultants will provide full spectrum consultation and advisory through your career journey and ensure you are well looked after in your new environment.

Compliance Guarantee

We are quality certified to several international standards. All of our contractors receive the full protection under Labour Law guidances. Our service levels and processes are regularly reviewed by internal and external auditors to ensure best practice standards.

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Being a contractor is like…

Flexibility & Work Life Balance

A perfect solution if you’re in between jobs - You won’t be locked in to an inflexible position and allows you to achieve the work/life balance that best suits your lifestyle.

Explore new career opportunities

Short-term roles allow you to work in a variety of leading organisations across different sectors, and to take on new challenge.

Broaden your network

You will make valuable industry contacts and obtain experience that will serve you well throughout your career.

Achieve skill upgrade

You will play a critical role in the project’s success, which gives you an opportunity to accumulate the latest industry knowledge and upgrade your resume as a result.

FAQsWhat you need to know

There is no reason why a contractor of ours should be treated any differently from other employees. We partner with top tier organisations who understand the important role our contracting experts play. Most of the contracting assignments are core and critical to our clients; and they rely on the expertise of our contracting talent for the projects' successful delivery.

Contracting can provide new platforms for your career and opportunities to expand your network. Our experience is that over 35% of our contractors are retained by our employers and offered permanent positions based on their performance.

Each contract varies greatly. Some can last longer than a few years while others are only for a few months. Browse the latest contract roles to get a feel for what is the norm in your industry or speak to one of our consultants, today.

The Page Contracting Team will be happy to discuss what you’re looking for in a contract role, and suggest opportunities. Request to speak to one of our consultants today: [email protected]

Page Contracting is strictly instructed to follow Taiwan Labour Law regulations and all of our contractors are fully protected under Labour Law contracts. Our contractors also enjoy top of the market Social Benefit contributions; as well as additional private Healthcare packages.