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    Though Taiwan's official statistics bureau has lowered its forecast for the country's economic growth in 2020 to 1.56 percent after Taiwan registered negative growth in the second quarter impacted by COVID-19 and other unpredicted global factors, according to the Michael Page 2020 Taiwan Salary Guide, there are several hiring bright spots for Taiwan in 2020 and beyond.

    Technology in particular, continues to look promising, and we anticipate market buoyancy for software development, online gaming start-ups, app development and other developer-driven sectors. Affirming this, big brands in technology continue to invest. Google has announced it will double its office space in Taiwan in 2020, while Microsoft and Amazon have confirmed plans to invest further in R&D centres.

    There are further positive indicators from traditionally strong sectors in Taiwan, like Engineering, with Semiconductors, Renewable Energy and Healthcare & Life Sciences (HLS) continuing to look positive. There are also promising signs of manufacturing activity returning, while hirers in Financial Services and Operations sound confident, particularly as Taiwan remains a relatively high-skill and low-cost business location.

    On the hiring front, tougher times do breed positive private-public discussions. According to the Michael Page 2020 Taiwan Job Applicant Confidence Index,a measure of how optimistic job applicants in Taiwan are about the job market,81% are positive about the job market, while the number is 77% for 2019. And 94% foresee themselves having better career progression in 2020.

    If you’re looking for jobs in Taiwan in any of these sectors, or any of Michael Page’s other areas of specialisation, keep these tips in mind:

    • Spend time researching the company you’re applying with by reading their website or company page on LinkedIn and Facebook so you are familiar with their brand, products, services and culture.
    • Read over your resume to ensure it is error free, up-to-date, and features a clear history of work experience.
    • Ask for help from a Taiwan recruitment agency such as Michael Page or head-hunters, who can help you find a suitable role and guide you through the application process.
    • Prepare for interviews by thinking about how you might answer some of the most common interview questions.
    • Subscribe to job alerts to be the first to know about new opportunities here.

    Roughly a third of Taiwan’s population lives in Taipei, and this city is not just the capital of the country, but the economic heart of the island nation as well. As such, Taipei played a huge role in what became known as the ‘Taiwan Miracle’, a period of huge economic development in the second half of the 20th century.

    Michael Page is a leading recruitment agency in Taiwan. We have experienced professionals ready to help you find jobs in Taiwan, or to help you fill roles within your company with suitable professionals with the skills and experience your organisation needs.