"PageGroup is a leading global recruitment firm that opened its Taipei office three years ago.  Based on the company’s worldwide proven record, I strongly believed that I can have a wider global view and opportunities to grow with the company."

Tell us about your PageGroup career so far

I was hired as a consultant for the Technology team.  I achieved the targets that were tasked and hence promoted to be a Senior Consultant within a year. I have also been given responsibilities to train junior consultants. The company continuously invested in me and provided me with training to help develop my leadership skills. A few quarters later, I was promoted again to manager and more recently, associate director running the Technology team in Taipei. 

Apart from the financial rewards received, I particularly enjoy the training, working environment and culture here. I deeply recognise our core values to work as a team, never give up and have fun. Honestly, working in the recruitment business is stressful, hence it is important to have faith, move on and also encourage others.

How do you spend your time at work?

Time management and process control are essential for the recruitment business. To achieve targets, we need to organise and plan our daily work.  First, we go through the day by planning our tasks in the early morning to ensure that the team has an efficient and productive day.  Meanwhile, coaching and advice will be given actively during the day to ensure issues and questions can be solved promptly. In addition, there is a portfolio review with the team to ensure that each individual is on the right track.  All these methodologies have been proven successful in the globe, which make us a value-added business partner for our clients.