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Highest Paying Jobs in Taiwan 2024

When we look at Taiwan’s economy for 2024, things appear hopeful. This is because Taiwan is doing a great job recovering from tough times, especially towards the end of 2023. This shows that Taiwan is handling economic problems well and is set up for steady growth in 2024.

The employment sector in Taiwan is projected to stabilise as the market continues its recovery path. This anticipated stabilisation is a crucial indicator of Taiwan’s economic resilience and adaptability, signalling a gradual return to a more robust and stable employment landscape.

Talent acquisition continues to be a key priority for companies across the spectrum in Taiwan. Many are still willing to offer competitive salaries to ensure they hire candidates with the requisite knowledge and experience in their fields in what’s shaping up to be a tight labour market.

To help you make informed decisions on your next job search, we have compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs in Taiwan, derived from our 2024 Page Insights Salary Guide.

While the list features senior roles, it will help job seekers at any point in their careers, even fresh graduates, identify the sectors that will offer competitive salary packages and hire aggressively in the coming months.

Note: Salaries on the list only refer to annual cash salary (unit: TWD), excluding non-cash compensation such as stocks, options, and equity. Salaries can differ from one company to another, depending on your skills, knowledge and experience.

1. Managing Director (7-20 million)

A managing director earns up to TWD 20 million annually.

A managing director is a high-level executive responsible for leading and overseeing the overall operations and business strategy of an organisation. Managing directors wield significant decision-making authority, serving as the bridge between the company’s board of directors, shareholders, and the executive team.

As a managing director, one needs to master a number of skills related to management, including leadership, business acumen, communication, problem-solving, delegation, multitasking, etc. 

2. Regional Sales Manager (5-10 million)

The regional sales manager position brings value to an organisation by providing strategic leadership and direction to the sales team, driving revenue growth, and ensuring the achievement of sales targets.

They are responsible for developing sales strategies, building and managing the sales team, identifying new business opportunities, fostering customer relationships, and optimising the sales process.

Their specific value may vary depending on the organisational structure and goals, such as geographic/territory focus, product/service specialisation, customer/account size, or industry/vertical expertise. 

In Taiwan, the highest annual salary for a regional sales manager can reach TWD 10 million.

3. Chief Financial Officer (5-7.5 million)

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) continues to rank among the highest-paid positions across corporate roles. The CFO is a company’s “God of Wealth” and is responsible for raising funds, managing funds, and other capital operation business. In recent years, the scope of the CFO’s role has significantly broadened, evolving beyond traditional finance to encompass strategic business analysis and decision-making.

As indispensable advisors and strategic analysts, CFOs are integral to the senior management team, embodying the credibility and leadership qualities essential for potential succession to the CEO position. The most lucrative CFO positions are typically found within publicly listed entities or firms poised to go public.

These executives boast a deep proficiency in capital market dynamics, a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements for public listings, and the ability to engage effectively with investors and stakeholders.

4. Research and Development Director (IC Design Related) (4.5-7.5 million)

The role of a research and development director (R&D) is to lead and manage the organisation’s research and development activities, with the goal of developing new products, processes or services that will drive the organisation’s growth and profitability.

Semiconductor is a large and key industry in Taiwan. Taiwan is planning a 10-year initiative aimed at increasing its global IC design market share from approximately 20 percent at present to 40 percent by 2033, including an 80 percent share of the advanced semiconductor sector.

At the meantime, the shortage of IC design talent continues to be a problem, leading Taiwan-based IC design firms to look into government and academic resources to hire overseas talent, focusing on Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

Experienced and high- quality R&D director candidates in IC design related area are sought after by IC design firms in Taiwan, and the annual base salary can be up to TWD 7.5 million. 

5. Medical Director (4.5-7 million)

A medical director is what ensures the business side of health care runs smoothly. While the role does not necessarily entail treating patients, their work can ensure that patient care at a facility runs as smoothly as possible. The responsibilities can include facility budget, relationships with supply chain vendors, regulatory compliance and cultivating a supportive work environment. These functions are key to helping a facility remain buoyant and able to run at an optimal level.

Therefore, the job requires talent with a professional medical background with M.D.s degree and a wealth of clinical experience, good leadership and communication skills, problem-solving skills, material analytical skills, and management skills. It is a very comprehensive C-level position. The demand for medical director talent in Taiwan currently exceeds the supply, and companies also offer very high salaries.

6. Engineering Director (4-7 million)

An engineering director is a leader that oversees and guides a company's engineering department, ensuring that an organisation's engineering goals align with the company's values, mission and goals. It usually has both a strategic and a technical role inside the company. The strategic aspect includes setting goals for the team, hiring engineers and prioritising projects. The technical aspect is about getting actively involved in developing new products, identifying requirements and setting timelines.

The role requires talent with hands-on experience in back-end and front-end development, good understanding of agile methodologies, leadership abilities with a strategic mind, and excellent project management skills, etc. An engineering director in Taiwan can earn up to TWD 7 million annually. 

7. Chief Procurement Officer (3-8 million)

A chief procurement officer (CPO) undertakes an executive role within an enterprise, focusing on sourcing, procurement, and supply management. Typically, a CPO is responsible for the management, administration, and supervision of the company's acquisition programs.

The chief& procurement officer is crucial for an organisation's financial success, operational efficiency, and risk management. They oversee the procurement process, which directly impacts the organisation's bottom line and long-term sustainability.

In Taiwan, typically the chief procurement officer gets paid on average TWD 2-8 million annually based on the Page Insights Taiwan Salary Guide 2024.

8. Head of Intellectual Property (3-6 million)

Intellectual Property (IP) is a valuable asset for any company that creates, uses, or sells innovative products or services. With more and more businesses realise the essential importance of IP, the head of intellectual property (IP) role gets increasingly significant. A head of IP is responsible for managing, protecting, and leveraging the IP portfolio of the company, as well as advising on IP-related issues and strategies.

To be a successful head of IP, a combination of technical, legal, and business skills, as well as strong leadership and communication skills are essential. A head of IP should have a solid understanding of the technologies, products, and markets that the company operates in, as well as the relevant IP laws and regulations that apply to them. They should also be able to conduct IP research, analysis, and evaluation using various tools and databases. 

9. IT Director (3-5 million)

A highly important position within all corporations, the IT Director will have the overall responsibility for the organisation’s networks, systems, hardware, software, and cloud computing operations. This is an interesting role that attracts those with excellent people management skills, an organised mindset, and a strong understanding of all things technological.

As befits such a senior role, several qualities will be needed to become a successful IT Director. Chief among them will be an understanding of technical applications that are available now, as well as a comprehension of those to come. A mindset that combines analytical and methodical thinking will be an advantage, and the ability to focus on the small things while remembering the big picture is a must.

Salaries and benefits packages for IT Directors in Taiwan is outstanding among other similar Director positions, with an annual salary up to TWD 5 million. 

10. HR director (3-4 million)

No longer just an administrative support function, human resources management plays a vital role in fostering organisational success, especially during economic upturn and expansion, as evidenced by the significant remuneration it commands.

HR professionals need to have strong analytical skills, help identify problems in the corporation, develop and sustain employee engagement, retain talent and plan for the workforce’s future needs.

The HR director can make up to TWD 4 million yearly in Taiwan market. 

Our 2024 Salary Guide provides a comprehensive look at the most up-to-date salary numbers in different industries and for all experience levels. Download a copy of our latest salary report here.

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