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Job searching in Taichung

Despite a slow 2015, growth is expected across Taiwan in 2016. In the recent 2016 Michael Page Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook, the reportshowed that it’s a candidate’s market, with more jobs on offer than there are candidates. Talented professionals will easily find opportunities in Taichung.

The general Taiwanese employment landscape is looking positive: 81% of employer1 reported that they would either maintain or increase headcount in the following year, according to the same survey. Employers were forecasting an increase in salaries of 1-5%2. However, many professionals are looking to mainland China for higher salaries and greater opportunities.


The Taichung job market

Taichung has traditionally been an important manufacturing centre in Taiwan; this industry is quickly modernising, with greater use of technology being seen across the board. This, in turn,   has created a demand for infrastructure and security professionals.

The high-end consumer sector is also expanding in the city. As residents have grown wealthier in recent years, demand for luxury retail and homes has increased. Luxury condos, five-star hotels and high-end fashion retailers are popular with the city’s wealthy residents and visitors. Strong demand for those with experience running luxury retail outlets overseas means Taichung employers are offering premium rates to attract candidates.

Across Taiwan, there is demand for English language and leadership skills—particularly from MNCs. Experienced professionals in Taichung will be in a strong position to find employment, with companies seeking the best candidates to step in and help grow the business. Taiwan is the fifth-largest economy in Asia, and many companies require skilled employees to help them reach their targets and goals for continued growth – and Taichung salary packages reflect this growth.


Job search advice

If you’re looking for a Tainan job opportunity, our top tips and employment advice will help you in your search:


  • When preparing your resume, make sure you’ve highlighted your skills and detailed your work experience. Of course, it must also be error-free.


  • Research market rates for the roles you’re considering in Taichung, so you’re prepared during salary negotiations.


  • Ensure you speak to a recruiter who can advise you on the job market and latest openings.


  • Before attending the interview, thoroughly research the company on their website and social media pages. This will help you prepare for the interview, and give you more information about whether it’s the right fit.


  • Prepare a list of questions to ask during the interview that shows that you’ve researched the business, its challenges and the overall industry thoroughly. Show interest in the role by asking questions about responsibilities and tasks.


  • Before accepting a job offer, consider what matters to you in a role (for instance, opportunities for career advancement in the future, good pay, cultural fit, opportunities for networking, or work-life balance).




1. Based on the Michael Page 2016 Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook

2. Based on the Michael Page 2016 Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook