Cloud Architect

More and more commercial organisations are using cloud-based technology to ensure the smooth running of their business, and because of this skilled Cloud Architects are in great demand. This key individual will oversee all aspects of cloud computing strategy and practice, including adoption plans, monitoring, design, implementation, and management.

Duties and responsibilities - What does a Cloud Architect do?

The main duties of a Cloud Architect will invariably include:

  • Creating a usable cloud structure for employees, clients, and customers to utilise
  • Understanding the company’s cloud requirements and translating them into workable solutions
  • Ensuring all cloud-based activity is secure and able to perform to the highest standards
  • Overseeing space usage both now and into the future
  • Training affected members of staff on how best to use applications
  • Planning cloud strategies for future use, always keeping in mind the requirements of the business
  • Using techniques such as migration, visualisation, and server management to improve the company’s cloud computing services

Qualities needed for a successful Cloud Architect

One of the key qualities needed to be an effective Cloud Architect is the ability to communicate with others. This can mean listening to briefs and understanding the company’s requirements as well as passing on information and coaching others to use the necessary applications. Applying verbal communications to technical issues is vital.

Excellent time management skills are more than desirable, as is the ability to stay focused even when working on several issues at the same time. Cloud Architects tend to be born problem solvers and are good at researching techniques and applications before applying that research in a practical manner. Another important quality will be flexibility, because this is a role that will always ask a lot of questions.

Given the fact that technologies are constantly changing, Cloud Architects need to have a sound knowledge of the very latest applications as well as the ability to keep a close eye on what might be coming over the horizon. Moving with the times is a must in this position because corporations will want to make the most of all possible advancements.

Qualifications and technical skills - How to become a Cloud Architect?

Every Cloud Architect role will differ slightly from others, but there are some basic technical skills that can be found in all of them. These include a working knowledge, allied to experience, of the likes of Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as some proficiency in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, LAN/WAN, firewalls, and cyber security. The main cloud certifications relate to the main cloud providers, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

It’s often the case that recruiters will look for Cloud Architects with at least a bachelor’s degree, usually in subjects such as computer programming, electronics, computer science, engineering, or information technology. Specialist qualifications in the likes of web security, website development, front and back-end development and systems architecture will also prove useful.

Career development - What is the next step after Cloud Architect?

Entry level roles in this field tend to include the likes of Junior Cloud Architect or Assistant Cloud Architect, and they offer an excellent opportunity to develop a strong career path. Moving up the ladder will often lead to positions such as Cloud Architecture Manager, Senior Cloud Strategist and Director of Cloud Management.

Salary and remuneration - How much does a Cloud Architect make?

Good salaries await those who are starting out on relatively low-level Cloud Architect jobs, while more senior individuals can look forward to excellent financial rewards.

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