You’ve been working hard at your job and you are ready for a promotion but it can be difficult to achieve that next step.

Showing that you're ready to take the next step takes a lot of work in both your work related responsibilities, and your interaction with the team and senior leadership.

Here is a quick guide to help you navigate closer to your dream of a better title, more money or to take on a more challenging role!

1.       Take initiative for new opportunities

In order to get a promotion, doing your current job well is not enough. Completing tasks and hitting your targets is just the first step and the minimum requirement you need before you can be considered for a promotion.

What management really wants to see is that you are not only performing well but that you are looking for opportunities for expansion (either for yourself or for your company). They also want to see that you have the ability to take on more responsibility.

A great way to approach this is to explore the potential of new opportunities to expand your job scope. Is there an area within your business that can be expanded? Are there new projects that you can be involved in? Can you streamline and make your work more efficient? You can also explore expanding in your personal growth and knowledge to make you stand out from your colleagues!  

2.       Think like and be a leader

Show the company and your boss that you have the ability to climb up the corporate ladder by demonstrating your leadership skills and your commitment to taking ownership to increase your value within the organisation.

You can be a leader without having people management responsibilities by developing your skills to think and do as a leader would. Be a leader by being someone that your teammates can look up to. Be an expert with specialised skills or knowledge that you can share and be confident and humble!

3.       Build strong relationships

Alright, so you’ve now exceeded on the work-side for your promotion. What else can you do outside of your job scope?

Participate in your company’s initiatives and events! You are not only a ‘worker’ within the organisation but an active member of the company. So enjoy the company culture and what it has to offer by going to the office party, joining an available sports team, participating in CSR events or going for after-work drinks! Network with your colleagues and demonstrate you are part of the team. 

4.       Have a positive attitude  

Having a positive attitude is a good way to be remembered by your boss and the upper management. Being able to pass through challenges with an optimistic outlook and a “never give up” attitude will help to get you extra points with the boss.  

5.       Ask!

If you are keen on getting promoted, it is always beneficial to have an open conversation with your boss regarding your career growth opportunities. This is not to demand for a promotion, but it’s a good opportunity to demonstrate that your goal is to progress within the company and that you are committed to do so. It gives your supervisor time for succession planning and they can observe your additional work and positive behaviour.

Michael Page can help you in the next phase in your career, whether you are looking to land that promotion or ready to make a move into a new role. Explore job opportunities here

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