It has been Decathlon's mission since its establishment in France in 1976 to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the fun of sports! Today, Decathlon Taiwan is 33 years old. Decathlon started it's production buying office in 1990 in Taichung. First flagship store opened in Nantun, Taichung; and now, we have 19 stores island wide. In order to satisfy more sports users online/offline, we've created an ecommerce platform in 2015; and the same year, Decathlon Taiwan warehouse opened to serve all Taiwanese sports users.

Brand Value


At present, Decathlon has more than 1,700 stores in 60 countries around the world, with about 100,000 teammates worldwide. There are 19 branches in Taiwan, it’s our ambition to develop omni-channel and continue to create new business models to fulfill Taiwanese market. We hope to bring the best sports products and experience to the world, so that more people can join the ranks of sports.

Career Development

I am the actor of my project! Each teammate has their own year end career development meeting, receiving concrete guidance and constructing a development plan to reach the next plan. We make visible career opportunities, we promote internal transfer, we accompany our teammates to develop their individual professional project and we facilitate the decision and action to realize. We have a customized and well covered mobility policy, encouraging our leaders to grow together with the Taiwan project where we are needed.

Meet the team

Lilian Yuan
Store Leader at Beitun Branch (Taichung)

Lilian Yuan had numerous industry working experiences from several countries such as the USA, China, and Taiwan, ranging from manufacturing to retail. She enjoys challenging herself in new and different environments to improve her abilities and skills. Lilian Yuan started her career journey with Decathlon in 2013 when she realized there are many undiscovered skills within herself. Currently, she is not only serving as the store leader in charge of more than 60 people, but also the Internal Trainer for Decathlon Management Philosophy and Decathlon Value & Purpose.

Justine Lam
Store Leader at Sanchong Branch (Taipei)

Justine Lam grew up in Paris, France, and studied in Rome. She has worked in Beijing and Taipei, with over 5 years of experience in Beijing and 3 years in diplomacy as a Project Manager in the Environment. She decided to pursue her career in Taipei in a private company, believing that working in Asia offers more challenges and growth opportunities. More than 2 years ago, Justine joined Decathlon and enjoys working in a multicultural environment to serve customers and make sports accessible to many. She opened the Zhongshan store a year ago and is now the Sanchong Store Leader, leading a team of 60 engaged coworkers.

Alex Chiang
Logistics Department Leader

Alex Chiang is an experienced individual with a diverse background in the workforce. After completing his school period, he gained 10 years of practical work experience, including serving as an international volunteer intern for a non-profit organization's environmental protection project and as a business representative for the Macau entertainment industry. Currently, Alex served as a leader in the Decathlon Logistics department for 5 years, where he organized a warehousing cross-department training program, and gained valuable experience in logistics supply chain management, team leadership, organizational management, and customer relationship maintenance.

William Li
Production Department Manager

William Li is currently working in Decathlon Taiwan, Taichung Production Headquarters. He enjoys challenging himself to experience outdoor activities, climbing Yushan Mountain, cycling around Taiwan island, and swimming across the Sun Moon Lake river. Throughout his career experience, William spent 90% time in the sports industry and has many years of experience as a manufacturing engineer and project manager for golf and fitness equipment. For another 10% time, William has served as a company consultant in an Internet company, supporting customers in building its business model and operational plan book. Currently, he is working as a Department Manager in Bike components and as an external lecturer for Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing.