2016 LinkedIn Award

The landscape we all work in continues to change in what seems like the blink of an eye.  Given PageGroup’s specialist role in finding people their next career move or building their team - staying relevant is more important than ever.  Last year we won the Most Socially Engaged Recruiter on LinkedIn and this year we continue our success having been recognised in the top 3.  So how did we hit the heights once again and what does this mean for PageGroup? 

Firstly, it’s great that our work has been highlighted again. It affirms our ambition of creating valuable, insightful and seriously useful content. More importantly, it is a testament to the relationship that we have nurtured with our clients and candidates over the past year.  We’ve reached over one million followers on LinkedIn this year (always nice to hit what seems like a big milestone…) and we understand the real value of using social media both for the benefit of our customers but also in building credibility in our brand for the long term.   

In a previous article, I addressed the issue of keeping up with change in a fast-paced environment and how this change can sometimes be uncomfortable for a large organisation.   It remains a tricky road to navigate but as a ‘people business’ it is essential that you stay close to the issues that most concern customers and put them at the heart of what you do. 

It would be easy for us to only publish cookie cutter content centred on CV tips or interview advice.  Confession:  we do it and I think we do it well but we also invest our resources in getting different viewpoints to our customers to help them question and think differently around the next steps in their career or in building their team.  We’ve listened and involved our customers in the content we’ve produced so we go beyond the initial interactions and tailor our activity to meet their needs.  Insightful and useful content such as the Salary and Employment survey, our Global Temp Study or our piece on CV anxiety help answer concerns and better equips our audience with the necessary knowledge and tools to make a change. Delivering great content at the right time significantly helps engage our audience. 

Our social engagement is growing very organically – we’ve intentionally not forced the pace just to chase some milestones.  Social media is very much about making a connection and someone engaging with your brand should feel effortless for them.  I am proud that the heritage and knowledge we’ve built in our business over 40 years, is equally reflected on our social networks today. PageGroup continues to act as a trusted partner, giving valuable advice to both clients and candidates. 

It doesn’t stop here – 2017 will bring with it fresh challenges but we will continue build on our firm foundations to stay one of the most socially engaged recruiters. 

We look forward to continuing to provide our followers and a wider audience with the tools and insights they need to forge their dream career path.  Click here to follow us on LinkedIn and see why we're among the world's most socially engaged recruitment companies.

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