Taiwan’s healthcare sector is set to grow at a robust rate, largely influenced by several factors, including the government’s push for greater investment as well as the country’s ageing population.

As a result, the current market is seeing a high demand for commercial professionals, for example, those in sales, marketing and medical affairs, to effectively market pharmaceutical/healthcare product lines and services. Similarly, research and development as well as science-based roles are also growing in demand, in line with the surge in investment into healthcare sector.

Amid the sector’s strong growth, the current talent crunch is expected to persist. A workaround for this challenge would be to build up current employees’ skill sets through, say, external or internal training, to upgrade and grow the current talent pool. Other solutions include talent rotation, as well as developing robust succession plans and strong employer brands.  

In the next 12 months, we foresee Taiwan’s healthcare sector continuing with its current boom, much like what the country’s technology marketexperienced in the 1970s and ’80s.  To stay ahead, employers would need to ensure strong attraction and retention strategies are in place.

Stay tuned to our upcoming 2017 Asia Salary and Employment Outlook report for a discussion on next year’s employment outlook as well as succession planning and employer branding across the region.

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