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Job searching in Kaohsiung

Despite a slow 2015, growth is expected across Taiwan in 2016. Digital remains a very important industry to the island’s economy, and is growing faster than many other sectors; digital marketers and e-commerce specialists are especially sought after. Taiwan’s thriving startup culture is also driving demand not only for IT professionals but also corporate services functions such as HR.

The general Taiwanese employment landscape is looking positive: in a recent 2016 Michael Page Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook, 81% of employer1 reported that they would either maintain or increase headcount in the following year. Employers were forecasting a 1-5% increase2 in salaries. However, many professionals are looking to mainland China for higher salaries and greater opportunities.


The Kaohsiung job market

Kaohsiung’s proximity to the Port of Kaohsiung—Taiwan’s largest harbour— as well as the region’s large agricultural industry has been an important factor in its evolution from village to global city.

Taiwanese employers tend to be reluctant to hire international talent, with just 29%3 of those surveyed saying they would consider it. Given the trend for professionals to look to Hong Kong and mainland China for greater opportunities, there is a gap in the market which means top Kaohsiung talent can negotiate good packages, with work-life balance an important factor for many.

Experienced job seekers in Kaohsiung will be in a strong position to find employment, with companies seeking the best candidates to step in and help grow the business. Taiwan is the fifth-largest economy in Asia, and many companies require skilled professionals to help them reach their goals for continued growth – Kaohsiung salary packages reflect this growth.


Job search advice


If you’re look for a Kaohsiung job opportunity, no matter what your industry or role type, we have tips to help you get the right role:

  • Your resume should list your detailed work history, showcase your skills, and have no errors.


  • Research market salary rates, and keep that figure in mind. Be sure any jobs you’re considering offer competitive market rates.


  • Don’t forget to consult a recruiter—they can direct you to the latest job openings and advise you on your salary expectations.


  • Before attending the interview, review the company’s website and social media pages so you are more confident about their business.


  • Prepare a list of questions to ask during the interview that shows that you’ve researched the business, its challenges and  the overall industry thoroughly . Show interest in the role by asking questions about responsibilities and tasks.


  • Think about what matters most to you in a job, whether that be the culture, work/life balance, or benefits on offer. Keep this in mind when you’re comparing potential jobs.




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