Regional HSE Manager -Chemical Manufacturing(高雄)

International Permanent
  • Leading Domestic company in Chemical Manufacturing Sector
  • Direct reporting to Global EHS Manager

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Job Description

● 主導ISO 14000 & ISO 45001,管理系統有效運作
● 環安衛目標(HSE KPI)之制定及有效執行
● 管理溫室氣體及產品碳足跡盤查,推動碳中和方案
● 消防、公共危險物品、易燃化學品、毒性化學物質及地下工業管線之緊急應變及災害排除
● 天然災害通報、事件通報、事件調查及輸入總部EHS資料庫、矯正及預防再發落實改善
● 擔任廠區職業安全衛生業務主管、防火管理人及保安監督人
● 擔任環安衛工作對政府之負責人,且與總部EHS連繫之主要窗口,確保廠區之EHS符合公司之全球標準
● 代領工安課成員之工作士氣,提升各單位主管安全意志、協助廠長建立廠區安全氣候,有效安全領導
● 督導廠區各項環安衛工作符合EHS法規,包含職業安全計畫及規章、環安衛教育訓練、現場環安巡檢與缺失改善、危險性工作場所及製程安全管理、職業健康四大計畫、空污/廢水/廢棄物/毒化物許可及申報、消防防災防護計畫/檢修申報/公共危險物品管理等

● Leading ISO 14000 & ISO 45001, effective operation of the management system.
● Formulation and effective implementation of HSE KPI.
● Manage greenhouse gas and product carbon footprint inventories, and promote carbon neutrality programs
● Emergency response and disaster elimination for fire fighting, public dangerous goods, flammable chemicals, toxic chemicals, and underground industrial pipelines.
● Natural disaster notification, incident notification, incident investigation and input into the headquarters' EHS database, correction and prevention of re-issuance, implementation and improvement.
● Served as the factory's occupational safety and health business supervisor, fire protection manager and security supervisor.
● Serving as the person in charge of environmental safety and health work to the government, and the main window to connect with the headquarters EHS, to ensure that the EHS of the plant meets the company's global standards.
● Leading the morale of the members of the Industrial Safety Section, enhancing the safety will of the supervisors of each unit, assisting the factory director to establish a safe climate in the factory, and effective safety leadership.
● Supervise the environmental safety and health work in the factory area to comply with EHS regulations, including occupational safety plans and regulations, environmental safety and health education and training, on-site environmental safety inspection and defect improvement, hazardous workplace and process safety management, and occupational health. Air pollution/waste water/waste/toxic substance permits and declarations, firefighting and disaster prevention plans/maintenance declarations/public dangerous goods management, etc.

The Successful Applicant

● 學士或碩士環安之相關科系
● 具備乙級職業安全衛生管理員以上之證照。
● 具備甲級空污/廢水/廢棄物/毒化物專責人員證照加分。
● TOEIC測驗成績650分以上。
● ISO 14001及ISO 45001管理系統之管理運作。
● 需具備 8 年之工廠安全/消防管理之環安衛
● 需具備5年領導經驗且帶領6-8人
● 具外商或石化廠環安衛管理經驗尤佳
● 具PSM管理或危險性工作場所管理實務。
● 消防及緊急應變實務運作。
● 具良好表達能力、溝通能力、公關能力、理解力、有條理、團隊合作及領導統御能力,
● 主動積極、認真、負責、抗壓性,及跨廠區共同合作。

● University degrees or above of Environmental Safety or related departments.
● Must have EHS license and certificates: Above 乙級職業安全衛生管理員
●甲級空污/廢水/廢棄物/毒化物專責人員證照 is plus.
● TOEIC test score of 650 or more.
● Management and operation of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management systems.
● 8 years of factory safety/fire management of environmental safety and health
● 5+ least experienced with leadership and management of 6-8 people
● Experience in environmental safety and sanitation management of foreign businessmen or petrochemical plants is preferred
● PSM management or hazardous workplace management practices.
● Practical operation of fire protection and emergency response.
● Good expression skills, communication skills, public relations skills, understanding, organization, teamwork and leadership and control skills.
● Be proactive, serious, responsible, resistant, and work together across plants.

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To work in the top Domestic company specialize in Chemical Manufacturing, and direct report to Global EHS Leader. Stable team with great culture and competitive salary!

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