EHS Specialist - Transportation Industry (台北)

  • Cooperation with the Largest and Popular Wind Power Company
  • A Solid Backing for Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance


Our Client is a joint venture company established by Taiwan and Japan to focus on business opportunities in the operation and maintenance of Taiwan's offshore wind turbines. The business project provides transportation services for offshore wind farm operation and maintenance personnel. Recently, it has established a (SOV) with the largest energy lease. , Will become the strongest backing for customer development in the future.


  • The formulation and effective implementation of EHS
  • Follow relevant laws and regulations to ensure the safety of people and ships
  • Maintain the work safety and health of workers, identify hazards and conduct risk assessment and control, so as to form an appropriate safety and health culture, prevent work injuries and promote health, and strive to achieve the goal of zero disasters
  • Implement the HSE management system, all employees participate in EHS activities and adhere to the concept of continuous improvement
  • Board the ship irregularly and ensure that all ship operations and the performance of their duties by the ship's crew are in compliance with relevant international regulations, statutory requirements, and laws and regulations
  • Onboard management and implementation of various epidemic prevention measures, and strengthen the psychological quality of the crew to strengthen counseling
  • Knowing the importance of reducing risks and eliminating disasters, constructing an organizational safety culture, maintaining the safety and health of colleagues, and environmental sustainability, advocating and coaching contractors to implement EHS management, and establishing a target management structure to achieve zero disasters Important goal


  • University degrees or above of Environmental Safety or related departments
  • EHS license and certificates: Above 乙級職業安全衛生管理員 is plus
  • 2 years of factory safety/fire management of environmental safety and health
  • Experience in environmental safety and sanitation management of construction is preferred
  • ISM & HSE management practices
  • Good written and verbal communication skills (both English and Chinese)
  • Hard-working and capable of overcoming adversity


The company strengthens the training of employees, Provide premium ship services with benefits-learning and development opportunities

Abby Kao
+886 2 8729 8272


Abby Kao
+886 2 8729 8272