Business development Director (Automation Robotic Vision)

台南 全職 NTD3,500,000 - NTD4,000,000 年薪
  • Join a global technology company at the forefront of sustainable solutions.
  • You will be the leader of around 40 sales.


My client headquartered in Taiwan, is a global technology company at the forefront of sustainable solutions. Specializing in power management, automation, and green technologies, they are committed to providing innovative and eco-friendly products. With a focus on energy efficiency, the company delivers cutting-edge solutions that empower industries and consumers worldwide. Leveraging its technological prowess and international influence, they play a pivotal role in advancing smart and environmentally conscious industries globally.


  • Identify where the market are, what are the suitable product and define product strategy.
  • Analyze market trends and dynamics to identify growth opportunities and make informed business decisions.
  • Research the latest in the business industry and creating new opportunities to expand business.
  • Monitor and review project activities to ensure its completion within scheduled time and budget.
  • Conduct business forecasts to set and achieve team goals & targets, develop business and marketing strategies to drive revenue growth align company direction.
  • Being accountable for business operation and profit and loss. Manage business activities focusing on financial and strategic growth of organization.
  • Ensure product strategy is formulated and aligned execution plan to support maximizing business objectives.
  • Prioritize and complete additional projects while maintaining current book of business such as mentorship, competitive analysis, and sales analysis.
  • Responsibilities include all aspects of the business development of new product including actuator, motion sensor, servo electric lock, smart robot, gear etc.
  • Provide guidance and support to team leaders with coaching, training and performance evaluations to help team leaders build an effective team and achieve team goals.


  1. Proven Expertise:
    • Possess a minimum of 7 years of hands-on experience in either Machine Vision, Robotic Vision, or Industrial Chamber, demonstrating a successful track record in implementing cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

  2. Leadership Acumen:
    • Showcase over 5 years of leadership experience, overseeing teams with a size of at least 8 members. Demonstrate a track record of fostering a collaborative and high-performance team culture, driving successful project outcomes.

  3. Educational Background:
    • Hold a Master's degree or above, specializing in Sales, Marketing, or Engineering. This educational foundation ensures a deep understanding of both the technical and strategic aspects essential for this leadership role.

  4. Industry Knowledge:
    • Demonstrate an in-depth familiarity with the Industrial Automation market and its diverse range of products. Stay well-informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and market dynamics to make informed strategic decisions.

  5. User-Centric Approach:
    • Emphasize a commitment to a user-centric approach, ensuring that both sales and marketing strategies align with user needs and expectations. Showcase examples of tailoring solutions to meet specific user requirements.

  6. Strategic Visionary:
    • Demonstrate a strategic mindset with a proven ability to contribute to the development and execution of business strategies, particularly within the fields of Industrial Vision, Robotic Vision, and Industrial Chamber Control.

  7. Project Management Excellence:
    • Showcase proficiency in project management, particularly in overseeing ODM/OEM/JDM projects. Highlight successful experiences in leading cross-functional teams to deliver projects on time, within scope, and meeting user expectations.

  8. Continuous Learner:
    • Illustrate a commitment to ongoing professional development, showcasing instances where you have adapted to and implemented the latest advancements in Machine Vision, Robotic Vision, and Industrial Automation.

  9. Effective Communication Skills:
    • Possess strong communication skills to effectively convey complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Showcase instances where effective communication has contributed to successful project outcomes.

  10. Collaborative Networking:
    • Highlight your ability to build and maintain collaborative networks within the industry, fostering beneficial relationships with key stakeholders, clients, and industry partners.


  1. 全球領先技術: 該公司在能源管理、自動化、綠色科技等領域的全球領先技術而聞名。您將有機會參與和貢獻於具有前瞻性的科技領域,提升您的專業技能和知識。

  2. 全球化工作機會: 作為一家國際化的企業,台達電子提供全球性的工作機會。您將有機會參與跨國項目,拓展國際視野,與來自不同文化背景的優秀專業人才合作。

  3. 創新環境: 該公司致力於推動綠色、智慧的科技解決方案,鼓勵創新思維和實踐。您將有機會參與創新專案,挑戰自我,不斷學習和成長。

  4. 綜合職涯發展: 該公司提供豐富的職涯發展機會,包括參與不同領域的專案、培訓計畫以及升遷機會。您可透過在公司內部不同部門的轉換,拓展您的職涯發展路徑。

  5. 社會責任感: 該公司致力於可持續發展和社會責任,這意味著您的工作將有助於推動環保和社會貢獻。這種價值觀的參與可為您的工作帶來更深層次的滿足感。

  6. 卓越團隊文化: 該公司擁有卓越的團隊文化,強調協作和創造價值。加入台達電子,您將成為一個充滿活力、多元、有活力的團隊的一員。
Natalie Chu
+886 2 8729 8243


Natalie Chu
+886 2 8729 8243

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