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Job Applicant Confidence Index

Job Seekers confident of getting a new job in less than 3 months

  • 75% of job seekers in Taiwan are confident that the job market will get better beyond the next 6 months, with 71% confident of securing a job in less than 3 months 
  • 76% rate the national economy beyond the next 6 months to be good
  • The desire to develop new skills (46%), achieve better work-life balance (30%) and the lack of professional growth opportunities in their current organisation (18%) are the top 3 reasons why job seekers are likely to switch jobs 

Find out how confident job applicants are in Taiwan as compared to other countries

About the Job Applicant Confidence Index

The Michael Page Job Applicant Confidence Index is a measure of how optimistic job applicants are about the current job market. The responses are based on those that applied for a job published on our Michael Page website in Q2 2018.