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Views from Andrew Wright, Associate Director, Taiwan


How do you rate the current employment market in your industry/sector?

The market has been improving since 2012 and we have been seeing an increase in new roles as compared to replacement roles.

This is in part due to new companies entering the market, while other established companies are increasing headcount. Many technology firms in Taiwan are focusing on innovation and research and development. Given this, they are hiring professionals who can assist in these areas.

While electronics and technology companies are most commonly adding headcount, we are also seeing a growing number of e-commerce and digital start-up businesses that require experienced candidates to lead the business.


What are the most demanded skill sets from a company perspective?

We are seeing a high demand for engineers, especially people who can run the research and development divisions. People at leadership levels in sales and marketing and those that formulate business strategies are also in demand.

Outside of technology, there is also demand for digital marketing specialists and traditional marketing professionals. Retail operations are also experiencing a rising demand, with a high level of mid-to-senior level professionals being highly sought after. Companies want people who can run stores, are hands-on and know the ins and outs of the business while bringing forth high standards.

Lastly, there has been a rise in consumer businesses investing in e-commerce functions as companies seek to maximise results from this sales channel.                                                 


Could you provide some insights to the salary trends for Taiwan?

There has been very little wage inflation in Taiwan. For example, graduate salaries have not risen in 10 years.

Mid-level and senior managers have some expectations of salary increases and while most of them are granted salary increases, they are often moderate ones. That will change as more jobs are created. There is a shortage of candidates, since bright Taiwanese professionals are moving abroad to seek opportunities. 


What is the expected market employment outlook in the coming year?

We do not expect to see big changes - just a gradual increase in jobs created. This will also be a key indicator of market strength.