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Salary Trends

Taiwan has experienced very little wage inflation. Salaries for new graduates have not risen in a decade.

Mid-to-senior level managers seeking to change jobs will expect some increase in pay when they move, but these increases are moderate. There is some upward wage pressure for quality professionals however; many bright Taiwanese move to the mainland seeking opportunities thereby creating a dearth of highly qualified people within Taiwan.

The employers we surveyed noted that 30% of professionals make job switches in order to improve their salaries, but 33% of professionals think it is important to achieve a good work-life balance. This sets Taiwan apart from the mainland and Hong Kong, where work-life balance is less important as a reason to change jobs.

The survey findings also reveal that Taiwan also stands out in another respect. Based on the responses, only 65% of employers plan to offer bonuses, considerably fewer than on the mainland and in Hong Kong.

For full details see the 2015 Greater China Salary & Employment Outlook report.